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It's never been easier to set up garage door repair in Frederica & Camden, DE

Improve the condition of your garage door today with our garage door repair services. Pinnacle Garage Door Company smooths over damage to garage panels and tunes up your garage door motor and mechanisms.

You can count on us for routine maintenance as well as emergency repairs. Our services include:

  • Tuning up the mechanism
  • Working on rollers
  • Checking the hinges
  • Lubricating the track
  • Making adjustments

Contact us now to learn more about garage door repair in the Frederica and Camden, DE area.

Hire professionals to perform garage door spring replacement

It's dangerous to try replacing your garage spring without the proper resources and training. We'll handle garage door spring replacement so you don't have to put yourself at risk.

If your garage door spring starts to rust, you may need a replacement. Don't put yourself or your property in any danger. Leave this task to the professionals.

Call 302-505-4531 today to get a free estimate on garage door spring replacement in or around Frederica, DE and Camden, DE.