Purchase a Brand-New Garage Door

Replace your old or failing garage doors in Frederica & Camden, DE

When shopping for garage doors, you might not know exactly what to look for. Pinnacle Garage Door Company can help. Look through our broad selection of Amarr Garage Doors.

Choosing your ideal garage door is easy with our help. We'll walk you through five simple steps:

  1. Pick which material (steel, aluminum or wood) works best for your lifestyle.
  2. Choose the look that enhances your curb appeal the most.
  3. Match the door design with your home's architecture.
  4. Select the color that meshes well with the color scheme of your house.
  5. Determine the performance features that your garage door needs.

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Our garage door service helps you select the right garage door

Don't settle for a garage door that isn't right for your house. Communicate with a local garage door service that can help you decide which style of garage door looks and works best with your home.

Carriage-house doors look quaint and stylish while still being practical. Though they look like they open outward, they actually roll up like a traditional garage door. You can also opt for traditional raised-panel doors or contemporary doors with a more modern appearance.

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